❌ Marks the Spot!

Straps in All the Right Places!     

 Are you looking for the perfect shoe treasure? Then we've got you covered with our X strap sandals! From our lower wedge Atlantic, to a little bit higher in the Backless Cannon, up to our MED platform wedge, your feet will say thank you. The design on the upper of these sandals are meant to hug your feet in all the right places! Slip into your next pair, and feel as though you've hit the shoe pot of gold! 🍯 


(P.S. All of these styles are perfect for a wide foot!)

The Atlantic is what we like to call our "Magical Shoe!" This easy going sandal is perfect for running errands or hanging out with the kids at the park. With our lowest wedge, we find that this shoe fits a wide foot and anyone who has foot issues the best! Slip into this shoe, and you'll never need anything else. 

The Backless Cannon is another fan favorite due to it's super simple slip-on style. We like to call these "Acceptable Bedroom Slippers" because you can keep them by the door and just slide them on. Instant comfort, and style! 

Our final X strap style wedge is our MED! This platform wedge gets rave reviews from customers because it's so easy to walk in. The straps hug your foot and it feels as though you've stepped into a shoe cabana!