Our Relief Efforts for The Bahamas 🇧🇸💙

Much like all of you, we here at Charleston Shoe Co. have watched the devastation in the wake of Hurricane Dorian and are absolutely heartbroken for the people of The Bahamas. Neely has always had a special place in her heart for the Bahamas having grown up in The Florida Keys and now calling Charleston, SC home, she is all too familiar with the strength it takes to rebuild a community, and has been trying to determine the best way Charleston Shoe Co. could lend a helping hand, or shoe.


Neely and Gigi visiting Harbor Island.


Neely began reaching out to friends and family in The Abacos and it was brought to her attention that many of the locals helping with relief efforts were barefoot or wearing flip flops. In partnerships with our production teams in Mexico, now through the end of October, we will donate a pair of work boots for every pair of boots sold on our website. 


 Another throwback photo fo Neely and Gigi in Harbor Island.


Together, we can all make a difference and we hope that our donation will continue to support the relief efforts and rebuilding of the beautiful islands and families that have touched all of our hearts throughout the years and for years to come. 


So if you’ve been thinking about that new pair of boots, there should be nothing holding you back now!