Best Travel Shoes

Best Travel Shoes
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There's no denying the comfort and style of our collection. Our collection has a diverse selection of styles that fit any foot! And we've recently introduced our new leather styles! There a pair or two for everyone!

  1. Lightweight- All of our shoes are super lightweight making them easier to pack for those international flights! And not to mention, they hardly take up any space in your luggage. So instead of reaching for those Louboutins or Gucci heels, grab a few pairs of Charleston Shoe for your adventures!
  2. Machine Washable- No matter where your wandering feet end up, there's no worries since you can throw these shoes straight in the washing machine. Whether you get caught in the rain or head to the beach, you can wash them and make them brand new again!
  3. Versatile- From boardrooms to beaches, our shoes can take you on any adventure! 

To see our more of our travel shoes in action, check out our Travel and Adventure Lookbook!

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