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Neely's Q&A at Atlanta Apparel!

Oct 24, 2019

Last week, our #BossBabe Neely, was honored to be named one of the keynote speakers at Atlanta Apparel for the October show! She took the stage Wednesday morning promptly at 10am to talk through an educational Q&A where she and Pamela Anderson dove right into the Charleston Shoe Co. story for a packed house.

The clear fashionable chairs that occupied the main seating section were completely full, along with the Hawaiian lounge chairs and couches off to the sides of the stage. The rounded edges of the amphitheater included three steps lining area, that were also full of eager listeners. Coffee was pouring, laughter erupted, and Neely shared anything and everything with the audience.  

Neely had a few amazing key points throughout the chat that lasted right up until 11am, that we wanted to share with y’all!


“We don’t say problems, we say opportunities.”


“From the trunk of my car to the streets of Manhattan.”


“If you’re going to dream it, go out and do it.”


“It’s Neely time - let’s go do it! If it fails, let’s try it three different times.”


“We work hard, but we play harder. Life is short!”


“There are good mistakes and bad mistakes. There’s not one that sticks out because you learn from all of them.”


“Set your own course and don’t follow what everyone else is doing. You lose the authenticity that way.”


"We keep a lot of the same styles because it's like discontinuing someone’s favorite lipstick. You just can't do that!"


As soon as Neely finished, she was approached by many long-time friends, family, female entrepreneurs that carry Charleston Shoes in their boutiques, and new fans of the brand who stumbled upon her Q&A. Thank you again to Atlanta Apparel for having us, and for all of those who continue to support and love Charleston Shoes throughout the years!