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5 of the Best Traveling Shoes for Women

Mar 09, 2023

Traveling is an exciting time when you get to take a break from your everyday life. You’ve booked your hotel, started thinking about your itinerary for your time away and as you start to pack, you’re wondering how many shoes you’ll need to bring with you. When it comes to women’s travel shoes, you’ll want shoes that are truly comfortable to wear, whether you’re walking down small cobblestone streets or sitting in the car for hours. Check out our list of five of the best traveling shoes for women to get your packing list started!


1. Cannon — According to Eco Karen, espadrilles are one of the best travel shoes because they’re stylish yet comfortable to wear because of the design of the sole and the lower height of this stable heel. You’ll notice a much more comfortable walk when you’re wearing the Cannon, our ultimate year-round travel sandal. This best-selling traveling shoe is designed with stretchy straps and a padded insole. With a 2” wedge heel, you’ll be able to go anywhere from your 3-hour drive to visit your in-laws or for a night out in a brand-new city.


2. Backless Cannon — Just when you’ve fallen in love with the lightweight Cannon, wait until you get your hands on and your feet into our Backless Cannon. The crossover straps will allow your feet to stretch. Have problematic feet? That’s why plenty of our customers call it “the Bunion Shoe.” Here’s a hot tip: The Backless Cannon tends to run bigger, so if you’re a half-size, we suggest you size down for more support. 

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3. Chelsea Rain Boot — We’re all about cute boots when you’re traveling. If the forecast calls for rain during your travels, or if you can’t be sure what kind of weather you’ll get during your trip, bring your Chelsea Rain Boot. It’s designed with a waterproof suede upper and an anti-slip sole. You’ll hit the mark on style as you take on the wet weather in black and gray plaid or tan-striped rain boots.

Chelsea Rain Boot

4. Tulip Slip-On Sneaker Athletic shoes for women are a great option when you want to rock that athleisure look during your vacay. What better way to make your look effortlessly chic than with leggings, a pullover and the Tulip Slip-On Sneaker in white or gray-blue? They’re extremely comfortable to wear with an outsole made of natural rubber. Not to mention, they were thoughtfully made with recycled microfiber and stitching. Better for the Earth and even better for your wardrobe. If you love the look of these comfy shoes, check out all of our athletic shoes for women.

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5. Coronado — It’s sporty. It’s chic. It’s the Coronado, the ultimate walking shoe with a strappy and sturdy design that’s easy to wear and versatile. The 1” faux espadrille bottom is perfect for casual adventures or rocking out at your next music festival. You’ll be able to dance the night away in these bunion-friendly travel shoes.

coronado sandals

Remember that the best kind of travel shoes are ones that you can walk in for quite some time. While it may be tempting just to grab an old pair of sneakers or your go-to flats, you’ll want to make sure you have shoes that do it all. Any of our shoes at Charleston Shoe — from comfortable sandals to practical sneakers — are chic for your nights out and will support you for all your day-to-day adventures on your trip. Bon voyage!