Our Process


My goal is to make comfortable, versatile, great looking, and affordable shoes. There are so many women who want to look fabulous but have constant issues with their feet. I want to remedy that. Shoes do not have to look bad to feel good! Thank you so much for all your good wishes, warm stories, happy feet, and endless support.
Neely, Founder and CEO

25 years ago, founder Neely Woodson Powell, met cobbler Santiago, in San Miguel, Mexico whose simple sandals were a wardrobe staple among the villagers and visitors alike. Created for women of all ages, the hand-sewn shoes are both versatile and fashionable. Neely’s personal style is a direct parallel – she is always effortlessly sophisticated.

The sturdy comfortable construction is courtesy of the 50 cobblers and artisans who hand-sew the shoes in a Mexican town where the similarities between their home and Charleston are evident – both are charming, yet cosmopolitan and have plenty of cobblestone streets.

To this day, the shoes are a continued collaboration between Charleston Shoe Company and the founding family of cobblers. The line is now worn by women stateside who appreciate the treaded soles, elastic straps, washability and bold colors and patterns – all signatures of the brand. From “cobblestones to cocktails”, the shoes can be worn in comfort all day and night. The Charleston Shoe Company brand is clearly defined by its timeless, comfortable, and stylish shoes.