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How to Choose the Best Walking Shoes for Travel in Europe

Apr 19, 2023

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There are so many reasons to get excited about a vacation abroad. It may be your first time ever exploring Europe, or you may know the streets of London or the canals of Venice like the back of your hand. 


Whether you’re returning to Europe as if it’s your second home or exploring these great countries for the first time, get ready to walk and see all the great sights this continent has to offer. You’ll want walking shoes that are just as fabulous for walking down the Champs-Elysees as they are practical for visiting historic cobblestone towns in the Czech Republic. Keep reading for our tips on how to choose the best walking shoes for travel in Europe.


1. How to Pick the Best Traveling Shoes — Here are some basic tips to keep in mind when you’re picking traveling shoes for your trip. You’ll want to try them on and make sure that the shoe doesn’t rub uncomfortably on you. If you wear socks with shoes, don’t pick socks that are too thick. If your feet tend to swell, try on shoes at the end of your day to see how they fit. If it’s hot out or you plan on going to the beach or hotel pool while you’re in Europe, make sure you pack a pair of any of our best selling sandals. These trendy shoes will take you anywhere from the French Riviera to the shores of the Black Sea.

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2. Tips for Buying Walking Shoes — If you plan on doing a lot of walking, you’ll want to make sure you have comfortable shoes. Expect to walk a lot or take plenty of public transportation if you’re in a major city. You’ll be walking to and from many of the sights you want to see. A solid walking shoe (especially shoes for women with bunions) will help give you the support you need.

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3. Decide on Your Shoe Packing Strategy — Pack at least three kinds of shoes: shoes for walking like sneakers or flats, shoes for hiking like boots or sneakers and a pair of sandals. Any of these shoes should cover the variety of fun activities you’ll be doing. With the pair of sandals, you can also get sandals with a wedge if you plan on having any nice evenings out during your time in Europe. 

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4. Get the Cannon Wedge — If you’re looking for a stylish sandal that works well — whether you’re at the beach or dancing the night away in a romantic European city — you’ll want the versatile Cannon. This wedge is our best-selling year-round sandal. It’s lightweight and stylish, perfect for all-day wear, and so comfortable thanks to the 2” covered wedge heel. Wear the Cannon wedge with a flowy maxi skirt or your favorite pair of denim.

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5. What Else to Pack for Your Trip to Europe — You never know how the weather will turn out or if you will end up walking on cobblestone streets one day and trekking through the Engelberg Valley the next day. Make sure you pack washable shoes for women so you’ll be able to clean your shoes if they get dirty during your trip.


When planning your wardrobe for a trip, shoes are one of the most important things you’ll need to consider. Even in a place as magical as Barcelona or as dreamy as Prague, you’ll want shoes that will support you on all your adventures. Before you pack your bag for your trip to Europe, get the best women’s travel shoes from Charleston Shoe. Available in so many different styles, colors and sizes, you’re sure to turn heads whether you’re walking through the streets of Rome or galavanting through Amsterdam.