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What Are the Best Walking Shoes for Women Over 50?

Feb 15, 2024

As we embrace the golden age of 50 and beyond, our dynamic journey of life demands both comfort and style. Every step is a statement for the modern woman over 50, and choosing the right walking shoes is about practicality and a celebration of the personal style that you’ve crafted over the years. In this guide, we’ll delve into the world of footwear for women who appreciate the perfect blend of functionality and fashion. While some ladies love to rock a stylish block heel, others prefer the casual chic look of cute slip on shoes. To help make every stride a step forward and a stylish expression of your vibrant spirit, check out our guide to the best walking shoes for women over 50.

Step Into Success with Style with Comfortable Work Shoes for Women

Important Considerations for Walking Shoes for Women Over 50

When you’re over the age of 50, picking the right walking shoes requires a certain amount of thoughtful consideration. It’s paramount to have the utmost comfort with a focus on cushioning and proper arch support to help address potential foot issues. Wearing shoes made from lightweight materials offers a greater ease of movement so you can enjoy a more comfortable walking experience. You don’t have to sacrifice style, especially with our fabulous array of shoes at Charleston Shoe, because there are tons of trendy designs and versatile heel heights to cater to both casual and formal occasions. Selecting shoes with just a touch of elegance, like loafers, or ones suitable for an active lifestyle, such as sneakers, can add to the variety of your everyday walking shoes. That way, walking around is not only a physical activity for you but also a stylish expression of your well-being and confidence.

Common Foot-Related Issues and Concerns for Women Over 50

Common Foot-Related Issues and Concerns for Women Over 50

Podiatrists share that some of the most common foot-related issues are heel pain, arthritis and bunions. As women enter their fifties, they may deal with arch-related problems like plantar fasciitis or fallen arches that emphasize the need for adequate arch support. Corns and bunions are also quite common and require shoes with a roomy toe box to help alleviate pressure. Ladies with arthritis may have joint pain and need more cushion for impact absorption to ease pain in the joints. Issues like decreased circulation and swelling call for footwear with breathable materials and proper sizing. Being aware of and addressing these various concerns ensures that walking shoes for women over 50 can be stylish while prioritizing foot comfort and health.

The Role of Walking Shoes to Promote Well-Being

Walking shoes are more than just footwear for women who want to make walking a paramount part of their active lifestyle. They’re the catalysts for helping maintain that healthy walking routine. Wearing shoes with cushioning and proper arch support will help alleviate potential foot pain and ensure comfort during daily walks. Lightweight materials can enhance mobility. Beyond the practical benefits of walking shoes, stylish designs can help you feel confident and make your walks more enjoyable as a symbol of self-expression. With the right pair, women well into their golden years or just entering this new decade can stride in style and embrace a journey marked by comfort and vitality.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Walking Shoes

Factors to Consider When Choosing Walking Shoes

There are a number of things to consider when selecting the perfect pair of walking shoes for a woman over 50. It’s important to prioritize optimal comfort with shoes that offer proper arch support. Ensure a stable foundation for every step so you don’t have to worry about instability when you’re running errands or spending the day exploring a new city. Cushioning is crucial for impact absorption, while lightweight materials help enhance ease of movement. Have a versatile array of shoes to transition from a casual stroll during the day to a semi-formal occasion at night.

Find Your Next Pair of Cute Slip On Shoes
  • Comfort - While it’s true that comfort is more of a priority now, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Plenty of stylish shoes here at Charleston Shoe offer proper arch support for stability and alleviating potential foot issues. Cushioning plays an important role in absorbing impact to promote joint health and overall comfort when you’re going on long walks. A well-fitted shoe with ample toe space helps promote a natural gait while preventing discomfort. The right pair of shoes will feel like an extension of your feet rather than walking in shoes that remind you that you have to think about every step you take. Empower yourself with each step and make your walking excursions a pleasure with comfortable, stylish shoes.

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  • Proper Arch Support - Shoes with proper arch support should provide adequate support to your foot’s natural arch to ensure a stable foundation for your feet when walking. A shoe designed with proper arch support can address common issues like plantar fasciitis and fallen arches. A well-designed arch support can help prevent discomfort, promote proper alignment, and reduce strain on your feet and joints during walks. Investing in a beautiful pair of walking shoes with optimal arch support is a smart step towards creating an enjoyable walking experience as you navigate your golden years.
  • Lightweight Materials - Shoes made from heavier materials like leather or suede may not be the best choice for everyday walking shoes. Opt for lightweight materials like knit or canvas instead for your walking shoe. Your walking shoe should be made from a material that prioritizes mobility without compromising support. These light options reduce the burden on your feet to help prevent fatigue during extended walks. Lightweight shoes are perfect for a variety of activities, like exploring nature or strolling through city streets. 
  • Trendy Designs - We’ve talked a lot about the practical things you should look for when picking walking shoes, like proper arch support and cushioning, but you can’t forget about picking a walking shoe with a trendy design. Why is that? If one of your goals is to walk more this year or just make sure you can walk around to get all your stuff done, you’re actually more likely to wear shoes that you enjoy wearing. Pretty shoes are well-loved shoes, and a shoe with a trendy design brings a touch of style to every step. Explore chic designs at Charleston Shoe that seamlessly transition from a casual outing to more formal settings so you get that versatility in your wardrobe choices. Whether you’re going for sneakers, loafers or traditional athletic shoes, choosing a walking shoe with a trendy design gives that much-needed dash of flair to your daily walks.

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  • Versatility - For shoes that are easy to walk in and care for over and over again, try our washable shoes for women. Just wash, wear, and repeat! The versatility of these washable shoes and our additional selection of shoes can seamlessly transition from different occasions and activities. Having shoes that are versatile adds convenience to the daily routine, so you don’t have to think twice about what shoe you want to wear when you walk out the door.
Wash, Wear, and Repeat with Washable Shoes
  • Color Options - Color options are yet another fun thing to think about when choosing walking shoes for women over 50. Just like you want shoes that are versatile for your walks, you want a walking shoe in a color you’ll love wearing. While you’re at it, grab a pair or two in different colors you love wearing to add a touch of vibrancy to your wardrobe. That way, you can easily mix and match with various outfits. Make a statement with a bold hue, or stick to a classic neutral for that timeless look. Explore walking shoes with a palette that resonates with your unique style and personality.

Expert Tips for Foot Health

Podiatrists from the Foot and Ankle Institute advise that a well-fitting shoe is important for not only good foot health but your entire body as well because they provide a cushion to support your entire body mass. When buying shoes, especially online, keep in mind that what is considered a size 7 for one brand can be quite different from another brand’s size 7. On all of our shoes at Charleston Shoe, we make a note if a shoe runs smaller or larger than your average size, so go a size up or down depending on the style! Prioritize sizing and fitting to prevent discomfort and potential foot issues. That way, you can choose footwear that aligns with your fashion sense and the goal of maintaining happy, healthy feet throughout your golden years.

Best Walking Shoes at Charleston Shoe Co.

Best Walking Shoes at Charleston Shoe Co.

If you’re looking for new favorite pairs of walking shoes, put some pep in your step with the Cannon, Tuffy or Peachtree from Charleston Shoe. Crafted with high-quality materials, shoes from Charleston Shoe prioritize both functionality and fashion as the ideal companions for women over 50 seeking flair and comfort in their walking footwear.

The Cannon

The Cannon is one of our most popular shoes that’s an excellent choice for stylish women who want the perfect walking shoe. With a sophisticated slingback design, this wedge seamlessly combines functionality and fusion. The cushioned insole offers optional comfort, making it ideal for long walks. Crafted from premium materials, the Cannon offers a timeless appeal while prioritizing support to cater to the unique needs of women over 50. Elevate your walking experience that effortlessly complements your fashion-forward sensibilities so you can stride confidently into the dynamic chapters of your life. If you love the look of our best-selling Cannon, be sure to look at all of our cute sandals for women.


This fashionable sneaker is a great walking shoe that combines a chic aesthetic with practicality. The fit of the Tuffy ensures comfort during a wide variety of activities, so it’s versatile enough for both casual strolls and dressier occasions. Effortlessly dress up your outfit while getting the support you need for extended walks.

The Peachtree

If a low wedge sole is more your thing, you’re going to love the Peachtree. The sophisticated design of this walking shoe provides comfort without compromising on style. Its versatility makes it a wardrobe staple to look fashion-forward and feel comfortable on the go. Pair the Peachtree in a neutral linen color with a breezy dress as you set sail for your next adventure. Get the Peachtree in a classic black that will match with just about everything in your closet. With a crisscross toe strap and supportive heel cup, your feet can take it easy breezy in this spring and summer sandal.

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The perfect pair of walking shoes, whether trendy flats when you explore a new city or comfortable work shoes for women for your daily commute, go beyond functionality. It’s an integral part of your personal style and padding your shoes and your life with experiences, adventures, and self-expression. Have fun letting footwear be an extension of your personality. Walk confidently, knowing that each step carries the wisdom of years lived and the excitement of many more years to come.


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