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Can You Wear Sandals to a Wedding?

Feb 06, 2024

When you think about wearing shoes to a wedding, whether as the blushing bride-to-be or a distinguished guest, the first footwear choice that comes to mind might not be a pair of sandals. Heels or even flats, sure, but can you wear sandals to a wedding? The fashion experts over at Cosmopolitan share that you should be mindful of your shoe choices, which means that flip-flops might not be the best choice, but there are plenty of options for dressier sandals out there. To get inspired, check out our list of cute sandals that can be worn to a wedding and how to style them.

Walk Down the Aisle with Cute Sandals

1. Bermuda — The Bermuda in white linen offers everyday comfort while exuding a certain elegance that complements a classic white bridal gown with its delicate design. Enhance the look with subtle accessories like pearl earrings. If you’re wearing the Bermuda as a wedding guest, try the Bermuda in a floral pattern or any of the neutral tones to pair with a stylish jumpsuit or chic floral dress to add a touch of sophistication to this memorable celebration.


2. New Monterey — The New Monterey is a fun, open toe twist on the traditional lug sole. If you’re looking for closed toe shoes instead, try any of our flats or low heels with a closed toe design. As for styling the New Monterey as a bride, try this best-selling “cobblestones to cocktails” shoe with an all-white ensemble like a fitted white top, white blazer and white skirt for a modern twist on the traditional wedding dress. Wedding guests can try wearing the New Monterey in a statement color like red or coral.


3. Carolina — Embrace timeless charm on your wedding day by wearing the Carolina espadrille wedge sandals in a white linen ruffle. It perfectly harmonizes with a romantic gown. Elevate the look with a delicate veil and pearl accessories. As a wedding guest, opt for the Carolina in a fun navy braid that pairs effortlessly with a chic jumpsuit or darling cocktail dress.


4. Rita — Elevate your wedding look with cute heels like the Rita. For a dash of understated elegance, wear the Rita in white linen or silver shimmer. Accessorize with lace or floral details. As a wedding guest, the Rita might just be your new favorite wedge for all those spring and summer weddings. With the instep strap and criss-cross straps, this espadrille wedge is comfortable and supportive enough to dance the night away.

Say ‘I Do!’ to Cute Heels

5. Cooper — Radiate modern sophistication with the Cooper slingback espadrille wedge in lilac stripe. Thanks to the sling-back design, you’ll have a blister-free heel to walk down the aisle or do the Electric Slide on the dance floor. Accentuate your look with metallic accessories and a sleek updo. Try the Cooper in a neutral shade like prosecco or linen that can complement various outfits — from tailored trousers to elegant dresses — so you’ll have total comfort and total ease of movement during any moment of celebration.

closeup sandals on feet

While there remains this common misconception that it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed at a wedding, the more informal a wedding, the likelier it is that the newlyweds will be wearing no-fuss wedding attire. The last thing you want, especially as a wedding guest, is to upstage either the bride or groom, which is quite easy to do at a more laid-back wedding than a more formal one. So if the wedding you’re attending is with the dearly beloveds who are more about the celebration of love than the formality of everyone’s attire, be free and strut your stuff in cute flats you’ll love dancing in all reception long.