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Staff Spotlight: Alexis!

Nov 11, 2021
Everyone knows it’s all about accessories! But no one knows it better than our Alexis. If you’ve met her, you will never forget her kind, exuberant, and full of life personality. She’s ever present; whether in a store or shopping for our online accessories, Alexis’ incredible taste shines through. Known for her style and refined charm, Alexis ensures each store is well equipped with bags, hats, jackets, dresses, sunglasses, and more. Read more about her five years with Charleston Shoe Company and how she continues to grow the accessories business. 
How did you find your career with Charleston Shoe? 
Actually my mom met Neely at a trunk show at the Ocean Reef Club, and asked if she had any job openings. At the time, I was a Senior in College and was in the process of searching for my first job. My mom told me to give her a call, and without much persuasion, I was hired! I began working right after graduation in the King Street store, but still had not met Neely. She came back from Nantucket at the end of the summer, and, upon meeting, it was as though we had known each other our whole lives. My job within the company has shifted multiple times over the years, growing every year. I went from a sales associate, to an assistant trunk show manager to store manager of the King street location, to the buyer for the entire company. It’s been a wild ride! 
Explain how you decide what accessories will go to what store?
It truly depends on the demographics of each area. If it’s a boujee location, they receive higher end accessories vs. something with a lower price point. I also really rely on the feedback from our store managers. We are in constant communication about what is selling well. If something does not work for their area, then we move it to another store. The seasonality of the location and the weather also has a lot to do with this decision - just think sunshine vs. snow! 
Did you think the accessories would morph into such an integral part of the business?
No! We really pushed this year by purchasing more accessories for the stores and it’s proven successful. People love our shoes, but now they can walk out dressed from head to toe! I am hopeful it will continue to grow every year.
What’s on the horizon for accessories? 
In the Spring of 2022 we are launching something very exciting for Charleston Shoe Company that has nothing to do with shoes... Stay tuned!
Best advice you’ve ever received from Neely? 
I should probably talk about business advice, but honestly… She taught me how to make a mean Martini! 
Favorite thing about the job?
I get to do what I love everyday -- shop! I am thrilled about the opportunity coming in Spring 2022 and how this could positively impact the business. I also love when a customer is genuinely excited about their purchase -- it’s such a contagious feeling!
Favorite shoe? 
The Bermuda! I am from Bermuda, so when we designed this shoe it reminded me of the beautiful blue waters, pink sand and home.