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Weather or Not: How to Style Rain Boots

Feb 22, 2022

When there’s anything but sun in the forecast, getting ready can get complicated. But rocking your favorite pair of comfortable rain boots doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your personal style. You can find functional, fashionable rain boots that fit right into your ensemble, no matter if you’re going for dressy or laid-back. We’re here with the best tips on how to style rain boots so you stay comfy, dry and ultra-stylish no matter what’s on your weather app.

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Find the Most Comfortable Rain Boots

  • Pair a Calf-High with a Skinny Jean — When there are downpours coming your way, you want to create a chic, practical outfit that seals out the H2O. The best way to do that is to style a classic calf-high rain boot with a pair of skinny jeans that creates a seal and keeps you dry. You can get the same effect with a pair of leggings or some thick tights and a cute dress or skirt.
  • Layer Up with Knee-High Socks — Another awesome way to seal out water on rainy days is to start with a knee-high sock as your base beneath a calf- or knee-high rain boot. This will create a multi-layered look that’s warmer and more water-resistant while also helping smooth out any bunching leggings or jeans. Go with a cozy wool sock or make it funky with a pair of colorful, patterned knee-highs. Whether you prefer to fold or scrunch is up to you!
  • Don’t Be Afraid of a Waterproof Bootie — If you’re on the hunt for stylish waterproof shoes for women, don’t limit yourself only to knee-high waders. Adding a pair of waterproof booties to your collection allows you to create looks that are trendy yet practical. Make sure to pair them with ultra-slim skinny jeans or leggings to avoid bunching at the top of the bootie. You can always cuff your jeans at the top of the bootie to create a neater look. 
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  • Invest in a Pair of Heeled Rain Boots — If you live in a moderately wet climate, you’re going to have days where you have to get dressed up in spite of downpours. That’s where a good pair of waterproof heeled boots comes into play. These are perfect for styling with skirts, dresses and trousers for work and dressier occasions. A heel automatically gives your look an elevated aesthetic (quite literally), so they’re a better choice when you want to err on the more formal side.
  • Think Beyond the Rubber Boot — If you want to create a trendy ensemble that’s more posh than Paddington, skip the rubber puddle splashers. These days, you’ll find super cute rain boots for women in all the dressiest and most desirable materials. Waterproof suede or leather in a warm cognac or black can give your look a more refined, elegant style compared with a utilitarian rubber boot. Just make sure they’re labeled waterproof rather than water-resistant, as the former features special treatments that make them impermeable to water. That means more comfort for you!
  • Style Them with a Trendy Trench — There’s a time and a place for a tailored blazer or cool bomber jacket, but a rainy day isn’t it. Rain boots, especially calf- and knee-high styles, look best when styled with longer jackets and trench coats. Not only is this a practical choice to keep you warm and dry, but it’s also aesthetically pleasing and creates an elongated look that flatters all figures. If it’s chilly out, throw on a scarf to tie your look together.

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Shop Cute Rain Boots for Women

There are thousands of amazing ways to keep dry and express your sense of style when there’s rain on the radar. Starting with a pair of high-quality, waterproof boots will ensure that you’re comfortable all day long. Just remember that you can achieve that with more than a basic pair of calf-high galoshes! With our huge selection of waterproof women’s boots, Charleston Shoe Co. can help you bring your rainy-day style to life.