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What Are Loafers?

Mar 18, 2024

When you think about loafers, you might think of classic penny loafers from the 1940s and ’50s. Loafers have evolved in style since then with variations like the horsebit loafers with a golden strap, slipper loafers with a back, tassel loafers with a little tassel at the top, and boat shoe loafers that can be worn while boating. In general, loafers are a type of slip-on shoe with a rounded toe and heel. There are plenty of ways to wear them to suit a preppy, trendy, or minimalist style, depending on how you want to rock them. They may also be compared to flats or mules. Not sure about the difference? Let’s learn more about the stylish practicality of loafer shoes and how to style them.

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1. What Are Loafers? — Loafers are the perfect comfortable work shoes for women. They’re characterized by the low-cut, slip-on design and lack of any fastenings or laces. Loafers usually feature a flat heel, a broad and flat sole, and a moccasin-like design. They’re comfortable and versatile, often made from leather, suede, or other synthetic materials. Loafers remain a fantastic footwear choice for both casual and semi-formal occasions.


2. What Are Flats? — There are so many ways to dress up or dress down cute flats. Flats are designed exactly like they sound, coming in various styles like ballet flats or sandals. The difference between flats and loafers is that loafers have a slip-on design without the need for a back, while ballet flats have a backing. Sandals don’t always have a backing, just like loafers, but usually have some sort of strap for extra support. Flats typically lack arch support and prioritize comfort over height, which is suitable for everyday activities.

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3. What Are Mules? — Mules are backless shoes characterized by an open heel, leaving the foot either partially or entirely exposed. Mules usually have a closed toe design and can be a low or high heel. Different designs range from casual to formal and are easy to slip on. 

2 pairs loafer shoes

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Now that you know the difference between loafers, flats, and mules, it’s time to grab your next favorite pair of loafers from Charleston Shoe Co. Our three top picks are the Stono, the Georgia, and the Cape. The Stono features a classic design, which is ideal for casual affairs. The Georgia offers a stylish sandal design, while the Cape has a versatile slip-on style. Let’s combine comfort and elegance with all three!


1. The Stono — Get your cute Stono loafer today! This timeless loafer blends comfort and style. With a classic design, the Stono pairs well with sundresses and cropped pants or jeans. You’ll have versatility and elegance for a variety of occasions.


2. The Georgia — The Georgia boasts a chic design that blends style and comfort seamlessly. The cushioned insole makes it perfect for all-day wear. Pair the Georgia with dresses or flowy skirts for a preppy vibe or cropped pants and a fitted top for a casual yet sophisticated look. If you love this wedge, take a look at all of our cute slip-on shoes.


3. The Cape — The Cape is a versatile slip-on shoe with a sleek design and cushioned insole. It’s ideal for everyday wear and pairs well with tailored pants and a blouse or a midi dress for a relaxed yet stylish look.

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Loafers go well with so many different types of outfits. While you can wear socks with loafers, many people prefer to wear them without socks because, like flats, they feel like slippers. Show off a little ankle between your shoe and skinny jeans or wide-leg pants. Wear your loafers to work with a blazer. Grab loafers in a pop of color and match them with other accessories like your belt or jewelry. Happy styling!