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Every pair of shoes from Charleston Shoe Company is designed to be stylish, comfortable and versatile. If you have a pair, then you know it’s possible to maximize comfort without sacrificing style. It’s the perfect combination! On that note, it’s no secret that comfortable shoes and comfortable feet are a match made in heaven. If one of them isn’t feeling just right, it can lead to a decline in your foot health — plus, it’s just no fun. At Charleston Shoe Company, we’re simply dedicated to every aspect of feet care, which is why we have dedicated a specific collection dedicated to the cause!


Within this collection, you will find shoe care items that are designed to extend the life of your shoes. Over time, it’s natural to notice general wear and tear on your favorite shoes, and we’re here to help with that! Our shoe cleaner, Shoe Suds, is designed to help bring any pair of our washable shoes for women back to bright and clean condition after one wash. Shoe Suds is specifically formulated to wash our shoes and is free of any solvents or harsh chemicals. Just two tablespoons of Shoe Suds can remove dirt, restore color and preserve the elasticity of your Charleston Shoe Company shoes!


Maximize Your Foot Health


It’s evident that supportive, well-made shoes can have a positive effect on your feet, spine and overall health. Good health equals a better quality of life and a happier you. Get happy and healthy with a pair of Charleston Shoe Co. shoes!