Healthcare Heroes Campaign


About The Campaign

Amidst today's uncertainty, we believe more than ever in the importance of spreading positivity, love and support to those around us. As part of this, we have launched our Healthcare Heroes campaign dedicated to supporting the incredible women working in our healthcare industry. This campaign is our way of sending a deep felt thank you to those incredible doctors, nurses, technicians and healthcare providers who are in the thick of it every single day. It's in times like these that we realize something as small as a pair of shoes can go a long way in making a powerful impact! 

We have been overwhelmed by the positive response we've received from you, our amazing customers, since the inception of the program. Because of your generosity, we have thus far donated to 30 different hospitals, in 10 different states, totaling over 2,000 pairs and counting. We invite you to support the campaign in one of three ways!

How you can help

We have three different ways that you can get involved with this amazing campaign.  Whether you want to add to your collection, send a gift to a special healthcare hero in your life, or simply contribute to the cause, we've got three easy ways for you to spread Shoe Joy

  1. Purchase any pair of shoes on our website using the code BuyOneGiveOne and we will include your donation of a ProLine pair in our next shipment to healthcare workers around the country.

  2. If you want to gift a pair to a specific healthcare hero in your life, simply purchase  any pair of shoes, input their shipping address, and we'll send Shoe Joy straight to their door. 

  3. If you're not sure what pair they would love - simply buy them a CSC Gift Card that can be used in any of our stores or online by calling Customer Service.

We started this program in our hometown of Charleston, SC in partnership with the team at MUSC. Immediately after our first donation and the positive impact we've heard (see below), we knew this was something that we had to take national! 

"The nurse runners who’ve come to me for donation pick-ups have been wearing them and LOVE them! Your donation had an immediate positive effect on our care team members, and we seriously so grateful for you.” - Jen Simon, Lead for MUSC Health System Donations

Here are just a few of the amazing women we have been able to donate to thus far. We invite you to share this program with your friends, family, colleagues and everyone else to help us help more women all over the country!